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Salesforce Training

How Codleo Thinks

Codleo believes in the power of Salesforce and its transformational ability.At the core of Salesforce Training is the belief that focused, customized, interactive and hand-on training leads to efficient results and greater user adoption. We provide no. of Salesforce training programs to enable an organization to learn Salesforce at its fullest. If you are a student/employee planning to make a better career in Salesforce then you can also learn Salesforce for free through our skill development salesforce training programs.



  • Get an understanding of the Processes
  • Understand the potential of using it for achieving Individual Success
  • Get familiar with the tool through hands-on training



  • Understand how Salesforce CRM works
  • Realise how Salesforce CRM can help them achieve greater success
  • Learn how to create and track leads, key accounts and contacts
  • Stay on top of sales pipelines & closable Deals
  • Understand how they’re tracking against the right set of activities

Our training is created after understanding your overall objectives and enables the sales team to comprehend how salesforce lightening is a mighty tool to achieve success and financial targets.


Salesforce Training for Management

Leadership training is designed to exhibit to the sales leaders their ability to extract relevant data, Assess team performance, identifying and correcting low adoption rates and buy-in from team members. Our training workshops will enable your sales leadership to
  • Perceive the core principles leading to great sales performance
  • Highlight the cores indicators of your business
  • Create List Views, Reports and Dashboards to track team activities
  • Translate existing excel spreadsheets into modern Salesforce Lightning reports
  • Run weekly pipeline reviews using Salesforce Kanban Opportunity Board

This training is designed to exhibit to the sales leaders their ability to extract relevant data, assess team performance, identifying and correcting low adoption rates and buy-in from team members.

Salesforce Mobile App Training for Field Sales

The laptop proves to be cumbersome for field representatives at times and the mobile phone is a handy alternative. Our training enables them to leverage the power of cell phones from any location, any time
  • Access key Account and Contact data on their phones
  • Check the status of Orders and key notes immediately before the sales call
  • Manage day-to-day activities with Check in & Check out, Log call notes
  • Update the Opportunity record, and set next steps within minutes
  • Click pictures of the client’s current setup and upload them on salesforce

The laptop proves to be cumbersome for field representatives at times. The mobile phone is a handy alternative. Our training enables them to leverage the power of cell phones from any location, any time.


Salesforce Reports and dashboards Training

We effectively demonstrate to Salesforce users how to prepare, store and share key reports which are crucial for business.
  • Create basic list views.
  • Understand the virtues of inline editing and Kanban Board displays
  • Build and secure reports & dashboard folders.
  • Create tabular, summary and matrix reports.
  • Learn advanced reporting functionality such as charting, report summary fields, bucket fields, conditional highlighting
  • Create advanced report filters and building custom report types
  • Create and run dashboards. Schedule and email reports & dashboards

This training will effectively demonstrate Salesforce Lighting users how to prepare, store and share key reports which are crucial to the running of the firm

Salesforce Custom Training

Salesforce is a tool for everyone to use and benefit from. We create special training sessions to non-Sales departments so that they can accrue the advantages of the CRM.
  • Familiarise them with Salesforce Object Model including Standard and Custom Objects built specifically for their roles.
  • Learn automation of unique business processes.
  • Be on top of all key activities and assign tasks to others in the firm
  • Manage key data and mass update records with inline editing on List Views.
  • Create reports that consolidate data to enable better decision making on key areas of business process.

Salesforce is a tool for everyone to use and benefit from. We create special training session to non-sales departments so that they can accrue the advantages of the CRM.

Salesforce Training session


  • Free Basic CRM Training
  • Free Salesforce Admin Training
  • Salesforce Development and Implementation Training
  • Salesforce For Business

After successful completion of the program, we will also provide the certification and live projects to the selected individuals. Learn Salesforce for free with us and become a Salesforce expert. Also, get the Salesforce certification to kick start your career in the Salesforce field.


Salesforce Training Objectives


Demonstrate the benefits for a sales person

Our workshops train the sales persons to be more effective using salesforce lightening and at the same time be on the same page with reference to the firm’s reporting goals.

Create a Weekly Game Plan

Your sales team will get a better understand how the reporting can give them valuable insights which can lead to better weekly planning. They will understand how Salesforce provides guidance on what constitutes a great week and track towards that every day.

Keep Opportunities current with native Salesforce Lightning Tools

The team is briefed on the power of tools such as the Virtual Assistant, Sales Path and Kanban Board which will guide them on the most pressing deals and conversant with issues that need the highest priority

Harness Salesforce Lightning Activity Management

Our workshop will change the way the sales teams function. Salesforce Lightning Activity management will allow sales teams to track leads, key accounts, open opportunities & so on. This leads to efficiency with the time saved spent on other activities. Preparing reports etc is a thing of the past.

Learn to save time using the Salesforce Lightning Mobile App

We demonstrate how sales people can save valuable time by using the native voice distinction features available on their phone for just 5 minutes after a sales call.

Create List Views & Reports

The sales leaders will learn about key reports which are essential to better understand the sales pipeline health and the activities of the team members. They will learn to create their own folders where they can park their much needed reports

Define Activity Metrics

Tracking of the team’s performance on a daily, weekly and even monthly basis is the key to the growth of the company. The Leading Indicators for your business are meant to determine what strong sales performance really looks like, and we will train the sales leaders on how to empower the sales team to capture this data.

Improve Coaching

We will guide the sales leaders on how to run more productive review calls and one-on-one discussions along with furnishing structured instruction to team members on addressing future performance objectives. The day to day activities of the sales department is a key feature in order to use the salesforce lightening tool effectively.

Demonstrate Motivational Techniques

Behind the success of a company & team are successful & motivating leaders. We demonstrate how they use Salesforce Lightning to spot the bright sparks and reward them, at no cost to the firm.

Foster Greater Adoption

We present to the sales leaders how to motivate team members to successfully adopt Salesforce Lightning using reports, list views and Chatter

Create new Account, Contact and Opportunity records

Enter data from cell phones, anywhere and anytime

Manage Activities

Smoothly supervise the critical tasks and other steps by using the task list option on the mobile home page

Log Call Notes using your phone’s native voice dictation feature

We demonstrate how sales people can save valuable time by using the native voice distinction features available on their phone for just 5 minutes after a sales call
Boss explaining report to his client

Improve record keeping accuracy and reporting

The key to improvements and success lies in possessing accurate and relevant data. We demonstrate how team members can obtain key data from sales call in the most efficient manner. This is done by ensuring that the right questions are asked and vital data has is not omitted. This also leads to securing data integrity.
Analytics screen

Importance of List Views, Reports & Dashboards and how to create them

We explain to the relevant teams the importance of reports in the success of the company and their role in it. They learn about creating folders and keying in critical data in the form of reports and dashboards.
Girl giving customer feedback

Define Key Performance Indicators

Our engagement with the team leads to an identification of crucial performance indicators and how to capture this information within the purview of Salesforce aiding an increase in team productivity.
Employees solving some tasks

Duplicate Excel Reports in Salesforce

If your company data is mostly stored in excel format, we show how to replicate the same in saleforce. This leads to improvement in data accuracy and sharing between various company members.

Drive Greater Organizational Adoption of Salesforce

With accurate data in saleforce, sales team and leadership get a holistic view of clients, leads and conversions. Seeing the benefits for themselves leads to a greater adoption of the CRM by the relevant teams and management.
Computer screen with some coding

Understand the core functionality of Custom Objects

Ensure that the team understands Salesforce Object relationships and how they come together to provide extensive information on clients & opportunities.
A hand managing the blocks

Manage Activities

Salesforce Lightning’s native activity functions will enable you to manage daily tasks such as assigning tasks, logging key calls and events as well as managing projects within Salesforce.

Analyze Data with Salesforce Reporting

Salesforce allows detailed data sharing and analysis to arrive at better decision making

Mass Update Key Data

List Views and Inline Editing enable you to make changes to multiple records. This is done through using legacy lists and Kanban Boards together to keep operational data up to date.

Automate Operational Business Process

Our training is geared to enable you to automate your business processes as well as be on top of projects, supply chain activity or any other functioning. This is done by using both Standard and Custom Objects simultaneously.

What you can learn in our Salesforce Training Programs

  • Introduction to the Salesforce Platform for CRM
  • Details of customer support as well as inside & outside sales
  • Learn about various components of Platform
  • Salesforce UI, business logic, security and other features
  • Designing the report, dashboard and portal in Salesforce
  • Validating data, customizing app and debugging
  • MVC model, architecture and SOQL


  • Gain knowledge of cloud computing
  • Learn Salesforce CRM Customization
  • Learn how to create custom reports in Salesforce
  • Learn how to create and plan workflow approvals
  • Become Familiar with SOSL and SOQL Concepts
  • App Exchange App Building & Uploading
  • Learn about Visual Force in Salesforce.
  • Learn about Apex Programming language

Our free Online Salesforce Developer Training : Its Benefits

  • Study the needs of the users are, then design, test, and create software that provides appropriate solutions
  • Invent Salesforce solutions and curate relevant project plans. Bring utility to the three stages of project work; definition, development, deployment
  • Recommend appropriate software upgrades for the clients’ existing apps, programs, and systems
  • Pro-active initiatives based on evolving business and technological landscapes of Salesforce and .Net/Java platforms, and change accordingly
  • Innovate all segments of any application or a system, then link these disparate parts together

To begin with, Salesforce developers need to comprehend how the customer plans to use the software, recognizing the desired core functionality. Our Online Free Salesforce Training Program helps you find innovative and creative solutions for various customer issues.


Online Free Salesforce Pardot Training: We teach you

  • Enhance engagement and sell quicker by reaching the targeted audience at the right time.
  • Use Pardot to keep your pipeline flowing with a constant flow of “hot” prospects
  • Curate aesthetically pleasing email campaigns that generate results
  • Develop smooth sync with Sales team
  • Use Pardot’s integration with Salesforce to comprehend the marketing’s impact on financial bottom lines
  • Create Insightful ROI Reporting templates

Our free Salesforce Pardot Training will get you the most out of the marketing strategies and enable you to learn about salesforce features for free. For marketers, Pardot training programs will provide them the key insights of the customer’s journey, business needs and requirements.

The Salesforce Certification Process

The Salesforce universe is vast and offers unlimited career opportunities for the visionaries. This is the right time to migrate to this domain as it is seeing an upward growth trajectory. Seeking a career which is stable and well paying, then you have come to the right place. Achieving every level of Salesforce certifications requires hard work, diligence and intelligence. Plus research, trailhead tutorials, and yes hard work (cannot be emphasized enough).

Salesforce certification exams come with special requirements, so check a specific exam to be clear on expectations. It’s always good to opt for certification training that includes a practice exam. Codleo offers unique online free Salesforce training in India to prepare you for Salesforce certification:

  • The Salesforce Administrator & App Builder training gears you to pass two Salesforce certification exams while instructing you on the primary features of CRM. You are tutored in analytics and personalisation skills to curate the system for targeted implementations and ace the declarative capabilities of the Force platform to design novel applications.
  • The Salesforce Admin training enables grasping the main administration features of Salesforce as you are schooled to implement, configure and handle Sales and Service Clouds, as well as implement automation, security, troubleshooting, user interfaces, customized apps, etc. This training grooms you to clear the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam.
  • The Salesforce Platform App Builder training instructs you on the use of the declarative “clicks not code” capabilities of the Force platform to make novel applications.
  • The Salesforce Platform Developer I (Apex and Visualforce) training instructs on the building of curated applications on the Salesforce platform using the Apex programming code and Visualforce user interface framework. We will make you learn how to write individualizations for both business logic and interface layers, create a testing and debugging framework, and enhance an application’s functionalities using AppExchange. This training trains you for the Salesforce developer Certification Exam.

Why choose Salesforce Certification Courses from Codleo?

We provide you the opportunity to learn salesforce for free , also our free Salesforce Training is more focused Indian on creating a skilled workforce that will be employable from the very beginning, thus reducing the numbers of unemployed graduates with degrees in the country.

Access accredited Salesforce training assets from our Salesforce Certified Trainers.

Expert Salesforce instructors and practical training enable exam clearance in the first instance

Join instructor-led Salesforce Certification training from a Salesforce authorized training delivery partner

Get convenient dates of your choice for Salesforce certification training via multiple learning modes: classroom, web, and corporate training programs

Personalized Salesforce training as per relevant business requirements

A one-stop solution for all your Salesforce training needs to enhance your career prospects

Opt for Fly-me-a trainer and 1-to-1 training to receive undivided attention

Our free training is the best to learn Salesforce for free.

The advantages of Salesforce Certification Training are:

  • Enhanced Return on Investment (ROI) via Salesforce certification training. It will help businesses to utilise the Salesforce tools in the right way to obtain preferred results.
  • Refine company efficiency by standardizing business processes where everyone is adapt using the Salesforce tools
  • Salesforce training leads to enhanced employee usage with regular training and certification preparedness achieved.
  • Salesforce training opens up many windows of career opportunities worldwide.
  • Secure career with certification credentials across various Salesforce courses
  • Salesforce training enables companies to harness client, market, and sales information with accurate forecasts.
  • Paves the way for a 360 degree client experience through innovation & technology to to sell optimally and in bulk.


Salesforce Training Videos

Learn the Basics of Lightning Service
How To Use Trailhead To Become A Salesforce Developer

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The solution of team, skills, techniques, planning, and execution to achieve all of the project goals

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Look after the flow of goods from manufacturers to the warehouse bin to the sales order

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Robotize the hiring team to track applications and manage talent with cutting-edge proprietary technology

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Gear up for employee-initiated expenses remotely with fully automated suite to save time & effort

Feedback from our clients

"I was really impressed with the turnaround speed of the team and the fact that they were always invested in finding out the best solutions as per business requirement and tailored the product accordingly. Their development team works 24X7 hence the quick turnarounds"

Project Coordinator, University

"We had an excellent experience with highly skilled team who made our professional life easy and balance when it comes to business goals and accuracy of the services we deliver to our clients"

CEO, Immigration Company

"Codleo has a team of dedicated quality consultants and Sr. Developers who have the capability to deliver complex projects"

CEO, Healthcare Company

"It was a very wonderful experience to work with Codleo. Codleo was very helpful for our company from the Salesforce® platform set up to implementation and customization- CODLEO proved what it committed."

CTO, Manufacturing Company


Frequently Asked Questions

Our salesforce certification training is an extensive course which enables you to gain mastery over Salesforce Developer and Salesforce Administrator skill through its holistic learning techniques. During the training, you will learn about Salesforce fundamentals, Visualforce, Apex language, dashboard, process automation etc. The entire training is in line with Salesforce certification exams. Plus the course has been designed by industry experts.

The training includes practical training on real-time Salesforce projects that are relevant to corporate. Codleo offers lifetime access to videos, course materials, 24/7 support and course material upgrading to the latest version at no extra fee. For those looking to make a career in this domain, our course will open up bright employment opportunities.

At Codleo you can enroll either for the trainer-led online training or self-paced training.

We also offer corporate training for firms to up skill their workforce. Codleo has certified Salesforce trainers with 12+ years of relevant industry experience and they have been actively working as consultants in the same domain making them subject matter experts.

Codleo is offering you the most updated, relevant and high value real-world projects as part of the training program. This way you can implement the learning that you have acquired in a real-world industry setup. All training comes with multiple projects that thoroughly test your skills, learning and practical knowledge thus making you completely industry-ready. You will work on interesting projects in the fields of high technology, ecommerce, marketing, sales, networking, banking, insurance, etc. Upon successful completion of the projects, your skills will be considered equal to six months of rigorous industry experience.

The scope of career opportunities in the NCR region of Delhi is ample. The region is home to a plethora of companies and industries, big and small, which are relying on CRM to increase sales, productivity and efficiency. Our course will help you make the best of the job opportunities available in this region.

The salesforce market in the region and the country is witness to a surge in growth, thanks to this tool by companies to gain insight on customer mindset via relevant and focused data. Therefore the demand for Salesforce will continue to rise making it highly desirable for professionals to master this CRM tool and gain from this trend

Our Salesforce CRM online Training fee is affordable and we have part payment option also. Salesforce modules are Administration, Development, App Builder, Lighting Essentials and Sandbox (Please join our free demo class to know which module suits you according to your experience and other factors. Our professional experts will give you the best counseling in demo class.) We are the best place for software courses at an affordable price and job assistance for aspirants, so utilize this opportunity and become a salesforce consultant with a good annual salary. We offer the best discounts in the market. Contact our representatives to know more.

You will be taught about various concepts from basics to advance, based on which you can create your own applications in sfdc platform. Our practical training helps you to manage Salesforce consultant duties in any organisation. Our aim is to make you professionally qualified and ready for the job market.

Salesforce is no. 1 in CRM segment and is a fortune 500 software company with best employee benefits. Large multinational corporate such as Google, Apple, Facebook are customers of Salesforce. So you can imagine the reach and power of this CRM tool. It’s going to create millions of jobs in coming times.

For any organization, information management and tracking is the utmost important thing. With Salesforce, every member can easily manage records, track data of customers, communications, documents, schedules and much more. With proper Salesforce Training, any organization can benefit itself and its customers too.

Yes! Codleo Foundation, our CSR wing provides free Salesforce Training in India. The team runs no. of programs to skill India in the IT field. These include free Salesforce Admin Training, development, digital marketing and more.

You can learn Salesforce for free through trailhead. Trailhead is the online Salesforce learning platform of Salesforce itself where an individual can learn salesforce. Moreover, Codleo Foundation, our CSR wing also runs different free Salesforce Training courses in India to provide the basic salesforce knowledge to an individual.

Salesforce Training can help a sales team to use Salesforce at its fullest which will directly help an organization to increase ROI, data management, and makes organization to engage better with the customer.

Price of Salesforce training is different in different organizations. It can start from ₹14000 to ₹420000 INR and more but there are also organizations in India that provide free Salesforce Training.

Yes, Codleo Foundation provides the free Salesforce Training in India. It is a New Delhi based non-profit organization that is providing free Salesforce Training in India to make youth of India employable in the IT field.

We are here to help!!Talk with an expert today!