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Salesforce for NGO

Extend the reach and increase the impact of your non-profit organization with SALESFORCE NPSP


At Codleo, we are guided by the principle that we are the guardians of the planet for the next generation and are duty-bound to make it a better place. Therefore like Salesforce, we pledge 1% of our time to social projects. Salesforce “Power of Us” Programme offers 10 donated subscriptions and generous discounts to empower non- profits with the tools to widen their impact on society. In Codleo, a dedicated Salesforce NPSP consultants who collaborate exclusively with NGOs & higher learning institutions to aid in extending their outreach and widen their impact by using the Salesforce platform


Main concerns for nonprofit organizations

Volunteer Management

Volunteers are the core of many nonprofit organizations. They raise funds, devote their time In many different ways and also are the spokespersons for these NGOs in their communities. It’s always been a challenge to NGO management to manage volunteer schedules and match their relevant skill sets with opportunities. Volunteer management within the Salesforce NPSP for NGOs allows NGOs to track all volunteer activity and save time, thus allowing the use of the time for other valuable tasks

Visibility and Insights

As with every company, NGOs are also being more structured and corporate-like. They are duty-bound to demonstrate their efficiency, outreach success and low costs. Salesforce for NGO enables all NGOs to use their available data smartly, make smarter decisions on funds & programmes, and show the effectiveness of their work. Real-time data on donations & donors allows NGOs to adopt focused fund drives and nurture donor relationships. Salesforce NPSP increases their involvement and greater funding in the future.

Programme Management

Programme delivery is at the heart of the NGO community. Salesforce for NGO enables NGOs to centralize the monitoring of these including calls, emails, meetings, donations, donors and volunteers. With the programme management centralized, NPSP of Salesforce helps NGOs to become more efficient and smarter. Increase In productivity translates into spending more time & resources on the grassroots activities which bring social change.


Communication with the world is essential to spread your message, raise more funds and widen your scope of work. Salesforce NPSP empowers NGOs to engage with various categories of audience by providing personalized experiences. It allows stakeholders to visit their personal journeys thus strengthening their commitment.

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  • We enable organizations to consolidate data and get a holistic 360-degree view of volunteers and engagement with them.
  • Find out how Salesforce is accelerating engagement with donors and improving efficiency.


What is NPSP?

The Nonprofit Success Pack or NPSP (formerly known as Nonprofit Starter Pack), is a constituent of the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. NPSP from Salesforce is an open source add-on app to with pre-built constituent and donor management features. Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a series of managed packages, installed on top of Salesforce Enterprise Edition.


Top Features of Salesforce NPSP

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Constituent / Donor Management

Salesforce NPSP enables managing donors or constituents who are crucial for the success of NGOs. For the team responsible for donor engagement, it provides a mine of data such as contact details, relationship with the NGO, donation details and demographic profiling.

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Donation and Grant Management

Salesforce for NGO helps you Track Donations & Manage Grants received effectively. This would lead to better planning for donation drives and reaching out to institutions for getting more grants.

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Engagement Management

Communication with the world is essential to spread your message, raise more funds and widen your scope of work. Salesforce NPSP empowers NGOs to engage with various categories of audience by providing personalized experiences. It allows stake holders to visit their personal journeys thus strengthening their commitment.

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Volunteer Management

Managing volunteer engagement whether in the form of time or resources is easy with the Salesforce NPSP. It allows you to track volunteer hours, matching skillsets to opportunities and even provide them with the flexibility to devote time in shifts.

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Campaign Management

Creating and tracking the campaigns for donations or programs is now simple. Opportunity campaigns can be carried out within or outside the purview of Salesforce based on the nature of campaign.

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With Salesforce NPSP, you get easy access to many default reports which offer insight into donors, funds received, grants, volunteer engagement and ROI on campaigns. Customization of the reports as per your requirements is possible.

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Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) for NGO gives you complete access to data via the Salesforce Mobile application. Users can create and update the key data from their mobile applications such as Household and Organization Accounts Contacts.


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Our Products

Our Products On Salesforce

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Project Management Application on Salesforce® Platform

The solution of team, skills, techniques, planning, and execution to achieve all of the project goals

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Gear up for employee-initiated expenses remotely with fully automated suite to save time & effort

Feedback from our clients

"We assessed many companies that can help us with Salesforce for NGO and chose Codleo to help us. What we appreciate most about their services is their perfectly streamlined process. Codleo provided our NGO end-to-end solution for Salesforce NPSP"

Project Coordinator , Education Organisation

"Codleo analysed and executed our needs and their Salesforce NPSP consultants took the time to know about our organisation and how Salesforce can help our NGO in carrying out different process. Codleo’s dedication towards work was class apart."

Communication Executive , Civil Society Organisation

"After choosing Salesforce for our NGO the prime purpose of our organisation was to partner with someone who could provide affordable solutions for our organisation, our search ended choosing codleo for Salesforce NPSP. We are glad that our association with Codleo has been growing stronger."

Coordinator , Environmental NGO


Frequently Asked Questions

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a product within the Nonprofit Cloud. NPSP is data architecture that sits on top of Salesforce and is pre-configured for the types of use cases that nonprofits need, supporting Donations, Households, and more. Nonprofit Cloud encompasses a complete set of Salesforce technologies that take into account tech challenges faced by the NGO community. It includes products such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Communities - as well as products built specifically for NGOs by Nonprofit Cloud does not include HEDA (Higher Education Data Architecture) or Philanthropy Cloud.

For current customers, the fact that Nonprofit Cloud exists is a reason to invest more heavily in the platform. is committed to deepening its engagement with nonprofits. It is conveying a message to the sector that salesforce is here to partner you and invest in your success, and we have the support of a cloud platform to enable the same. Existing clients need not worry about license changes or cost factors.

Nonprofit Cloud is similar in nature to a Health Cloud or Financial Services Cloud rather than a Marketing Cloud. It is designed to be used as an industry application on top of the existing Sales Cloud. You can take different products within the Salesforce portfolio such as NPSP & communities and customize them to fulfill your needs. If a customer is using NPSP + Service pack plus Communities, it covers the features of Nonprofit Cloud.

There are three solution lines you will hear about within the Nonprofit Cloud:

  • Engagement
  • Donation drives
  • Program Management

Codleo Consulting, partner would recommend you customizations depending on your requirements. You choose the Salesforce products that best suits you.

NPSP is a part of the Nonprofit Cloud. Nonprofit Cloud encompasses NPSP and so much more. The cloud is proof that solutions to issues faced by the NGO sector have been provided by Salesforce. NPSP is a part of these solutions.

Following are the roles of a Salesforce NPSP Consultants:

  • Designs and deploys solutions that assist customer business processes
  • Helps in requirements using Salesforce applications
  • designs solutions to utilize the Nonprofit Cloud functionality

We are here to help!!