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Salesforce Consulting Services

Are you Implementing CRM for the first time or looking at enhancing CRM user experience? We have got the best team to aid your CRM journey. Be it Technical or Business skills, short or long-term duration, Integrations or optimizations, we as one of the Salesforce Consulting Partners, will always be there to help you with our Salesforce Consulting Services. Our experienced Salesforce consultants are skilled in specific industries, providing preconfigured solutions to solve industry challenges with faster time to market. Being a Salesforce Consulting company, we will study your organization thoroughly to understand current processes, tools and systems. Then, we will combine our wide industry knowledge, best practices and proven methodologies to deliver the best and reliable advice you need to draw a roadmap for success. We offer personalized and customizable Salesforce consulting services that fit all kinds of business requirements. We are one of the Salesforce Consulting Companies whose Salesforce Consulting services are easy on the pocket yet do not compromise on its quality and nature. Codleo’s proven track record is our badge of honour and calling card. Codleo means success guaranteed.


Challenges of CRM Implementation Our Salesforce Consulting Services Can Resolve

Introduction of a New CRM system requires a change in mindset on customer management across divisions at an organizational level. The challenge lies is not whether to use a CRM or not but its successful implementation. Rejection by end-users constitutes 55-75% of the reasons as per surveys. Other challenges include lack of integration capabilities and business insight.

Salesforce Consulting Companies strategize on the pros of a successful Salesforce CRM implementation and the challenges in ensuring that it is implemented in the best possible way yielding optimum return on investment without affecting current business processes and with least amount of risk.


We make your business our business and resolve all your issues. Our Salesforce consulting services will help you in choosing the right Salesforce product and version as per your requirements. We also help companies in strategizing how to implement Salesforce products successfully into their business processes. If you are already using Salesforce CRM, we as Salesforce Consulting Partners, will help you in adopting and making a better ROI by providing right consultation around best practices and industry trends.

Help you in selecting the product not only for current business needs, but also for an organization which is growing with changing needs with the correct version of the product.

Salesforce Consulting Vendors provides CRM consultation at every step of the Salesforce implementation

We as a Salesforce Consulting Companies will correct documentation of CRM Project objectives, develop prototype and Intermediate progress sign-offs.

Intensive engagement sessions with every stakeholders to identify requirements, pain points and challenges

Salesforce Consulting Vendor helps in data analysis in terms of its quantity, quality and usage

Transform the overall user and business experience with Salesforce Consulting Companies

As a Salesforce Consulting Firm we will recognize the transformative power of CRM; make the process flexible to adopt best practices.

Our Salesforce Consultants will plan change management and CRM deployment strategy for deploying CRM systems spanning multiple geographic regions due to differences in business practices.

Ensure an easy to use and quick CRM system with Codleo, a Salesforce Consulting Partner

Our Process

Our Salesforce Consulting Process

As Salesforce Consulting Partner, we are empowering business owners to make smart technology investments as well as improve systems which in turn leads to saving time and money.



Feasibility and planning

As a Salesforce Consulting Firm we help companies determine whether a CRM project makes sense in the first place and in what form. This includes helping define the business case, estimate cost and resource requirements, evaluate different options and identify key implementation considerations.



Defining Requirements

Defining the exact requirements for a CRM system, re-engineering or introducing new business processes in order to benefit from the technology, can be a demanding process provided by Salesforce Consulting Companies. It is essential to choose the Right technology and impact the speed of the downstream implementation.



Negotiating pricing and terms

While many organisations would feel they are strong negotiators, CRM consultants have very specific knowledge as to what’s achievable through negotiation with each vendor, and perhaps more importantly can review implementation estimates to spot any excess fat.




The implementation phase is where the consultants play a vital role as project managers, or mentoring the client’s project manager, who may not be versed in managing CRM projects. Salesforce Consulting Vendors are required to keep budgets in check and deadlines are adhered at all stages.



Working with existing systems

A significant chunk in CRM consultant involvement is brainstorming with businesses over replacing an existing system. Salesforce Consulting Companies should take care of Poor implementation and underlying reasons for the underperformance of systems. Re-implementing current software can be economical than buying a new system.


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Vertical Solutions

Salesforce Industry Vertical Solutions

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Our Products

Our Products On Salesforce

Project Management Application on Salesforce® Platform

The solution of team, skills, techniques, planning, and execution to achieve all of the project goals

Vendor Management Application powered by Salesforce®

Look after the flow of goods from manufacturers to the warehouse bin to the sales order

Recruitment & HR solutions application
by Codleo

Robotize the hiring team to track applications and manage talent with cutting-edge proprietary technology

Daily Travel & Expense Management

Gear up for employee-initiated expenses remotely with fully automated suite to save time & effort

Feedback from our clients

"I was really impressed with the turnaround speed of the team and the fact that they were always invested in finding out the best solutions as per business requirement and tailored the product accordingly. Their development team works 24X7 hence the quick turnarounds"

Project Coordinator, University

"We had an excellent experience with highly skilled team who made our professional life easy and balance when it comes to business goals and accuracy of the services we deliver to our clients"

CEO, Immigration Company

"Codleo has a team of dedicated quality consultants and Sr. Developers who have the capability to deliver complex projects"

CEO, Healthcare Company

"It was a very wonderful experience to work with Codleo. Codleo was very helpful for our company from the Salesforce® platform set up to implementation and customization- CODLEO proved what it committed."

CTO, Manufacturing Company


FAQ - Our Salesforce Consulting Services

Salesforce is a tool with different types and levels of functionality which often requires a certain level of experience, expertise and insight that a layman may not possess. You are surely empowered to understand and go through the paces yourself, however it may prove to be difficult and time consuming.

As we all know, CRM is one of the most important tools for the success of any business. Salesforce consulting partners analyze in depth the prevailing and even future business trends in the market and customize the customer relationship strategies accordingly.

Yes 100%. A good Salesforce Consulting Partner can help you reach your goals and take your business to a next level.

To get optimal benefit from Salesforce, Success Cloud provides customers with tools and expert guidance. Our consultants, experts, specialists, and tools provide personalized advice and best practices at every stage of your journey.

  • Adaptability for change with consistency of work
  • Marketing, sales and service production are on a single platform
  • Institutionalize best practices
  • Provide repeatable processes to improve time and cost effectiveness
  • Agility to change processes in CRM faster than ever
  • One common user interface that increases user adoption and use
  • Powerful business process management engine
  • One of the most cost-effective CRM solutions
  • Create deployment flexibility: cloud and on-premise deployments
  • Not selecting the right system
  • Incorrect implementation
  • Not finding a system to grow with your business
  • Poor user adoption
  • Integration with existing software

When it comes to consulting, sales is involved throughout the customer journey, but you can separate this into two main parts:

  • New business: Opportunities that have come from your sales, marketing, referrals or business development efforts
  • Client development: Upselling or cross-selling clients on further services and retainers

Keeping up on these two areas without an organized system can be daunting. First of all, as a consultant, business development exec or account manager, you must know what activity you’ve executed with each contact. Secondly, the process for each is different. If you’re not tracking your customers, clients or leads properly, you risk missing an opportunity to bring in more revenue for your business.

Hiring a Salesforce consultancy will cost you between $15-$100 per hour. The Per hour rates varies depending on type of resources, certified resources, years of experience and location.

No, not all consulting partners are the same as one another. Every partner has different capabilities, resources and skill set. Some provide all Salesforce services, others provide only selected services. So every consulting partner is different in its own way.

With a highly experienced and certified team, Codleo is growing and expanding its business faster than other Salesforce Consulting firms. We provide the complete Salesforce Solutions including consulting, implementation, integration, lightning migration, training and support services.

Role of Salesforce Consulting Partners are:

  • Helps in Salesforce implementation and customization
  • Will help you in delivering quick and measurable results
  • Helps in generating more leads
  • Will help you in fulfilling the client’s requirements
  • Will provide better insights and increased ROI

Following are some of the points to keep in mind when finding the right Salesforce Consulting Partner for your organization:

  • Consult the nearby Salesforce office and ask them some suggestions for the right partner as per your requirement
  • Always look for a company with certified team
  • Check the experience and projects of the consulting partner
  • Check the knowledge by asking different questions
  • Certified professionals will help you in saving the employee’s productivity
  • Help you in saving more time and money
  • Will solve the problems more efficiently and effectively
  • Help in increasing the ROI of the organization
  • Will also provide training and support to the team

You can find the list of all the Salesforce Consulting Partners on Salesforce Appexchange.

Salesforce consulting firms help in delivering an outstanding customer experience, enabling them to work faster and more productively, which improves customer satisfaction and reduces costs. With consulting firms you can transform your overall customer experience and work together in devising an integration strategy that will help your organization grow.

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