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Salesforce Integration Partners = ROI


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Any business ( start up or existing ) once convinced by the virtues of the CRM and its allied tools such as Sales cloud, retail cloud, or manufacturing cloud needs to start looking for Salesforce Integration Companies right away. The assumption that they can do it themselves with their internal personnel and low coding is a myth that is partially true. Simple adoption of the CRM as it's bought, when paid for with minor tweaks, can be done in – house. However, when a company needs many levels of customisation Salesforce Integration Companies come in as angels and do the needful with the least amount of drama and roadblock. We have assembled some other vital reasons for hiring Salesforce Integration Partners for Your Business Growth. Read up to know the reasons that will strike a chord and reach for your phone.

  1. Users are not excited about the deployment of Salesforce CRM. The customized training provided by Salesforce Integration Partners is just what is needed. Their training (  and later refresher sessions) that are personalised, interactive and engaging enable employees to be comfortable with the layout, the features, the tools, and the functionalities. This way the Salesforce project is back on track for success for all concerned. 

  2. Lack of user awareness of various features & functions of the cloud based software. CRM or other cloud products of the Salesforce universe have many useful, interesting, and innovative features & functions. Unless you are aware of them and how to harness their power, usage will be low or none. Any user / company at least knows the uses & how to use them. This is where Salesforce Integration Partners come on board with value additions. 

  3. Time is money and money is time goes the popular quote. The time saved by using Salesforce Integration Services or other services by roping in an experienced and licensed vendor ( high on the Salesforce hierarchy as Crest or Summit tier ) is ideal.  Salesforce integration services or any others can be carried out by minimal fuss and time thanks to the proficiency of such companies in Salesforce as their bread and butter. This will allow the employees to focus their daily attention on their core tasks / work.  

  4. No unified view of client data. Client data in reams are being received from different sources in companies and unless they are all parked in one place ( and made sense of ) the company stands for uninformed decision making and lack of future planning without data to review & use. An experienced Salesforce partner makes the integration affair as smooth as can be.  They comprehend your needs and provide wholesome services that deliver business objectives. 

  5. Reporting is awry. Without Salesforce deployment or improper use, reporting is inaccurate and presents the wrong picture. Without this being in order, remedial actions and reviews have no meaning. This we all understand and need a superhero partner to do the needful. 

  6. Sales need to be energised. The sales team gets empowered with CRM and sales cloud, gets access to data on each client, takes action, strategises, and increases the sales much to everyone’s delight.  


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Nikhil Mathur

Nikhil is a Project Manager, 3x Certified Salesforce Consultant with almost 4 years of Salesforce and rich onsite experience from working with multiple offshore clients. Out of the office, he finds thrill in biking and adventure sports.

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