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No company worth it’s salt can afford to be complacent in these difficult times. The battle to win the hearts and purses of customers is getting tougher. Any and every company needs to be customer centric and no industry symbolises it as much as the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry covers hotels, lodges, motels, inns, as well as food & drink outlets. They survive and thrive on ensuring that “ customer is king “. India with its rich legacy of hospitality, warmth, and embracing all has always been the leader in this domain. Our philosophy of “ Atithi Devo Bhava ” means the Guest is God. This philosophy in the 21st century needs a digital push or support you can say. In this context, a CRM ( Customer relationship management ) tool is just what the industry needs says a leading Salesforce Consultant. 

CRMs like Salesforce ensure that the customer always remains at the heart of the industry. It brings many benefits to the hospitality industry once deployed. Let’s see what these benefits are as per a Salesforce Consultant:  

  • Gain an edge over rivals when it comes to marketing. A CRM enables each hotel etc to curate customised client journeys. The information obtained on CRMs allows for personalised messaging, which is the need of the hour, delivering relevant offers to the right person at the right time. With most young people now using the internet and booking services to book accommodation, it’s imperative that the industry gets its act together. This entails an effective marketing strategy, and this is where CRM comes into play according to a Salesforce Consultant. They allow bonds to be formed with guests & leads that are personal & human.

  • Loyalty management revamped. Loyalty schemes have been the bedrock of the hospitality industry for decades. Now CRM tool steps in to take it to another level. CRM software gives hotels the ability to make apps and client portals and leverage the data available to enhance the guest experience. Give your loyalty programs the boost they need and ensure that your % of repeat guests sees a steady rise. Personalised experience via CRM is what you get says a leading Salesforce Consultant. 

  • Enhance guest support. It’s important for hotels, lodges, and motels to be on the good side of their guests & leads. The era of social media is not too kind to those who err. In India alone, we have brands shuttering or losing market share due to negative hoopla on social media. Guest or customer support is important in this scenario. CRM solutions provide guest services / support team with quick access to pertinent client information — delivering the right answers at any time (before check – in, during the stay, or after check – out ). Further, case management tools, allows hotels to view conversation revolving around them and the industry, providing a holistic comprehension of what clients need and ensuring that it’s addressed before they even ask for it. Allying with hotels are a Salesforce Consultant. 

  • Automation of processes. Automation of mundane and repetitive processes allows the hotel staff to look after their guests better. They are freer to focus on their tasks to make each guest stay and experience a superlative experience. This ensures customer delight and higher revenues in terms of F&B or room nights according to a Salesforce Consultant. 

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