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What Does Codleo Do?


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" 84% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services." - Excerpt from Salesforce's Third edition state of the connected customer report.

What does Codleo Do? For those who are not sure about Codleo Consulting - we are a b2b information technology company, and our purpose is to connect our clients with their clients. We play the role of a catalyst that enable companies to forge stronger bonds with their clients and improve their Returns on Invest (in short ROI). With aid of leading tech tools, we integrate all the departments so that all work in unison based on a unified view of all leads & clients. A holistic view of each and every client is transformational via Salesforce CRM and other cloud offerings from the Salesforce universe.

You may wonder how is this of any use to you as a business owner / leader or employee? Well, a CRM (customer relationship management) tool minimises the time needed to address client issues leading to customer delight & loyalty, the gaping holes in communication strategy and improve personalised interactions / relationships with clients as now everyone wants meaningful engagement from brands anytime, anywhere.

Let's see how our solutions help you in detail:

Marketing department - Our solutions help the marketing team to send the right messaging to the right individual at the right team. This enables converting leads into clients as well as upselling chances.

Sales department - Focus on engaging with leads & clients by executing a fine and repeatable sales process.

Service department - It enables the relevant team to provide consistent and curated support across all client platforms - from call centres, on the ground, service automation to chatbots, you name it.

IT services - Conjure up mobile friendly apps for various requirements, enhance productivity of employees by automation of many mundane tasks and enhance security & transparency by a host of solutions.

In today's "customer first' world, trust is your key to winning and retaining clients. The person of today is very demanding and wants seamless experiences. They are loyal to the clients they rely on and know will provide exceptional service at all times. We are this bridge between our client and their clients. We are serving companies as diverse as an intellectual disability provider in the USA to an educational institution in Dehradun to a leading law firm in Delhi. Our non-profit clients are on the rise giving us immense satisfaction.

Plus, with our specially curated apps native to Salesforce on project, human resource and vendor management domains are going to create wonders for its users. Have you heard about them? would you like to know more? If yes, please send us your comments & queries on this blog's comments section. The company with a heart is expanding its horizons and always staying ahead of the game to provide cost effective and personalised solutions for players in various domains such as education, manufacturing, professional services and healthcare.

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