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Checklist for Successful Salesforce Quickstart Implementation

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Checklist for Successful Salesforce Quickstart Implementation

“Salesforce Quickstart is ideal for my small company on a budget” – Quote by Umang Narang, food delivery business owner in Palampur.

As we all know by now, how important is salesforce for the fortune of any company? Being the world’s number 1 Customer relationship management (CRM), it has onboard the biggest MNCs in the world such as Facebook. If you are planning to implement Salesforce in any format including the Quickstart version, it is essential that the company management takes all precautions as it requires careful planning and exhaustive execution. Even the smallest of oversight or errors can have a cascading effect on business. Lack of planning can lead to an increase in unwanted expenses as well as implementation delays.

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These are a few points, sort of checklist for the consideration of all company owners for a successful salesforce Quickstart implementation:

Planning – This is the initial step in the implementation process. At this stage, you take stock of business goals and visions, performance metrics, and key resources.

Preparation of road map - With in-depth engagement with the salesforce vendor, a road map (step by step) for the implementation is drawn up.  You understand the outcomes of this project.

Implementation team – A team is put together from the vendor side (system administrators, trainers, etc) as well as from the client. A project manager is assigned who oversees all aspects of the project and ensures that all decided timelines are adhered to. He is the one point contact person for all issues.

Establish Simple goals - Don’t be realistic when it comes to assigning goals for the implementation. Your goals checklist should be practical, time-bound, measurable, and to the point.

Data cleanup – It's essential that the data which finds it was into salesforce Quickstart is clean. Clean data means no errors, outdated information, spelling mistakes, or duplicate information. Take time out to study ad clean the data at length before uploading it on salesforce.

Decide your approach – The implementation can be in the standard “waterfall” approach or the “scrum approach”.  You need to decide in consultation with the vendor the best approach for you.

Customize the CRM- The next point in the checklist should be the customization of the CRM as per your requirements and needs.

Add the users - Once the CRM has been set up, add a bunch of users who will be the test pilots so to say. They will provide continuous and constant feedback on the process.

Training of the users – Last but not the least, intensive and hands-on training whether in your office or via remote access has to be provided to all concerned departments, teams, or members. Practical training is vital to ensure less resistance by people and a greater adoption rate.

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Every company must have a detailed checklist or road map for a successful salesforce Quickstart implementation. If you or someone you know is thinking of deploying Salesforce in their office, do go through this checklist. It might save someone a lot of bother and heartache in case omissions have occurred, leading to losses of any kind.



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