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Winter 23 Pardot updates


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“To continue winning the internet marketing game, your content has to be more than just brilliant — it has to give the people consuming that content the ability to become a better version of themselves.” — Quote by Michelle StinsonRoss, Managing Director of Marketing Operations, Apogee Results. 

Have you heard or are using Marketing Cloud Account Engagement tool? Well for those who are uninitiated Marketing Cloud Account Engagement tool is nothing, but Pardot re-branded say Salesforce Consulting services companies. As you already know Salesforce Pardot is a SaaS product used for marketing purposes from Salesforce that provides email robotization, directed email missions, and lead the executives for B2B deals and promoting associations. Pardot automates the basic advertising activities, such as monitoring client practices. It is the one tool that marketers of all domains need to improve efficiency that leads to an uptick in their ROI and productivity. Marketing teams have quickly discovered its many advantages and it is a robust tool that is needed in their arsenal. In this blog, we look at some of the hot updates that will be out soon in the Winter 2023 release. So, if you are a marketing honcho or working with Salesforce Consulting services, read to know more about the latest updates.

  1. Hold Lead Activity Tracking – It’s something that we are all familiar with over time.  Lead records that stock activity continuously – even when users get into investigation work. In a nutshell, lead activities = score increases = unwanted automated actions. This bot-like activity is challenging to control once it starts. Now, users can hold activity tracking for leads with an unusual higher % of activity. Make sure that the Account Engagement’s tracking code is not planted on website pages that see good visitor flow. Leads on hold who are opted in can receive marketing emails say Salesforce Consulting services. 

  2. Manage Lead Opt - out Field Sync Behaviour - All Account Engagement fields linked to Salesforce require a field sync behaviour set – “ Use Pardot’s value ”, “ Use Salesforce’s value ”, or “ Use the most recently updated record ” as the value of truth. For important issues as lead opt-out, we don’t require the sync reverting the lead’s choice back to its original state. With a defined system of record, users can pick “Use Pardot’s value” or “Use Salesforce’s value”. “Use the most recently updated record” is a redundant option for this field. 

  3. Licensing for Users - Pardot-only logins no longer exists tell Salesforce Consulting services companies. From 2021, if users didn’t have a CRM license, they had to have a Salesforce Identity License. These unique license’s main purpose is to allow individual sign-on (SSO) so users can access Account Engagement. 

  4. Lead Database total SyncPardot admins can perform a full sync on the lead database. This happens once a week when there are less than 5 lakh leads. You will locate a new connector setting called “Sync All Prospects”. For any Salesforce Consulting services, call Codleo. 

     All those involved in Salesforce Consulting services are excited about these developments as are marketers. For more on Marketing Cloud Account Engagement tool ( formerly known as Pardot ), or any other Salesforce Consulting services, call us. Au revoir, have a great day. 


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