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Is Your Salesforce Integrated With WhatsApp


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The coming together of two potent forces is always a cause for celebration. The shaking hands of Facebook Inc ( owners of WhatsApp ) and Salesforce Inc are one such joining hands that all professionals have welcomed with open arms. WhatsApp is the most widespread instant messaging app in the world (around 2 billion users and rising) and Salesforce is the premier Customer Relationship Management tool currently in use. Their integration means the benefits to the professional user / business are enhanced. WhatsApp is now a client servicing medium for its users. It is another example of the innovative strategy of Salesforce Inc to provide an integrated and connected experience for its clients across different channels.   

Salesforce is a cloud-based tool that is built to enable businesses to manage their Sales and client related information in the most efficient manner. For those vary of tech tools, it is a simple tool to use and learn with the help of training sessions provided by the implementation company. It has fostered a deeper, relevant, and meaningful engagement between leads /clients and businesses. With a unified view for every lead / client, Salesforce CRM can offer unique insights into the client’s journey and has a wide range of tools to enhance the customer – business relationship & engagement. 

Top features of Salesforce CRM: 

  • Quick deployment. As compared to other CRM brands in the market, it can be deployed within a few weeks (based on the number and complexities of customization) while others take months. 

  • Simple design.  Businesses don’t need to spend too much time and energy in getting their employees trained or comfortable with the system and its finer details. 

  • Customisable tool. The most important feature is that it is one of the most customisable CRMs in the market. As per the specific needs of each business, the CRM can be moulded. In fact, you can create a customised / unique org for each user. Isn’t that a great feature to have in a CRM, personalization to the zenith. 

  • Access from any time and anywhere. As with all cloud based offerings, access for users is never an issue.  Whether working from home or on the field or at a transit hub, it can be used for work & updates. 

Top features of Whatsapp messenger: 

  • It has a very large customer base.  With 2 billion users and more signed up, it provides a wide reaching platform for all businesses. 

  • Chatbot option. Businesses can use the chatbot template for client servicing & enhance the scope of the company. 

  • API availability. The availability of WhatsApp business API aids companies with third-party integration with Salesforce CRM etc. 

  • Multi dimensional media support. Businesses can use content such as pictures, videos, emojis, or documents to accentuate their messaging, attracting the attention of consumers on their phones. It’s proved to be very successful in marketing and sales as most people now spend maximum time on their smartphones.

Client servicing with WhatsApp consists of two types of messages: 

  • Initiated by the clients 

  • Initiated by the businesses as notifications. 

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