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For the Entrepreneurial driven, launching a start up in any domain is a very stressful and focussed activity. The last thing on the mind is that linking the start up with any social impact / cause. However, if the founders of the start up have their heart in the right place, beginning the process of 'giving back' doesn't have to be on a large scale or time consuming. Small baby steps ensure that success is all around - in terms of business and communities.  Let's see how to go about doing it.

 Below are listed 4 ways that starts up can launch their social work:

  • Be socially committed from the very beginning. As you plan the idea behind the start up, weave in the idea of CSR as well at the same time. Ensuring that business with a social & environmental impact at the very outset is the germinator of the journey. You will have to make it a part of the company's core values, beliefs, mission, and more. Codleo Foundation is one such example being the CSR wing of Codleo Consulting, an IT firm. The company had taken the Salesforce 1% Pledge, an initiative asking companies operating within the Salesforce universe to pledge 1 % of equity, profit, product, and/or staff time for their social work & local communities on its inception in April 2019. Launched by an educationist's family, Codleo was committed to making a difference and launched the foundation within a year of its formation. Focussing on Salesforce courses to reskill or upskill young Indians, the foundation is doing good work in terms of one free course a month, which is becoming popular especially with women.

  • Link your services/products to impact. CSR doesn't always have to be about donating money or time for a cause. The products/services that form the start-up can be used for the greater good. For example, Codleo Consulting conducts free Salesforce courses to reskill/upskill Indians via its foundation. It is a synergy of their core business and social commitment. Eateries can join hands with food banks, and so on. Once you pinpoint the ideal way to link your brand's offerings to a greater good, communicate it near and far to other companies & leaders.

  • Give time to employees for participating in the company's CSR initiatives. Let them take some time off daily to participate in the mission. This ensures that doing good remains a priority and benefits the company overall. Survey after survey has shown that companies with robust CSR programs in place halve their employee attrition rates. You could mandate some CSR time per employee in terms of few hours per week or month. It's a good place to start and subject to review with the passage of time.

  • Sign up for causes that resonate with others.  Joining hands with other brands in social causes scales up the good work as well as improves networking opportunities with other brands, and clients, improving both your business and community objectives.

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