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Most of us who are working / owning businesses know the humdrum of starting from the bottom. As trainees / interns we have all done mundane and boring tasks. The tedium of such repetitive tasks is only alleviated by the knowledge that good days are coming. Many of us waste hours daily performing tasks that are low value or unproductive. They don’t bring much value to the business or brand.  Just imagine how much you or your business will profit from automation of these daily repetitive tasks.  The time freed can be spent on important and / or core tasks that are essential for company’s growth story insist Salesforce companies.  

Woke to the idea brands have been trying different methods and technologies to get automation across the board via Salesforce companies. This is because everyone sees value in onboarding technologies to get such tasks out of the manual way. Money spent on automation is on the rise and its effects on various aspects / teams visible across businesses Over 80 % of businesses as per a 2021 Deloitte study said they are embracing automation as end-to-end solution for their woes. Covid acted as a catalyst for many especially in the small and medium sector. The journey for automation for various brands has just begun with Salesforce companies. Saving of time, energy and money are imperatives for all to jump onto the bandwagon.  

Here are some teams that are onboarding automation say Salesforce companies: 

Finance – Automation of financial planning and accounting processes provides more time for high value tasks such as analysis, planning, and collaboration with others. Data available is automated, billing is automatically matched to relevant documents, and approvals are routed. Manual errors are a thing of the past reveal Salesforce companies 

Marketing - With marketing being automated, leads & clients can be sent focused messaging via different channels. The right tools aid in finding the right clients, curate effective campaigns, and automatically effect actions like promos based on schedules & client behaviour. Salesforce companies aid marketing efforts. 

Client services - Questions such as “How do I reset my password?” or “Where’s my order?”  don’t need human intervention. Chat bots, voice bots, and self-service are gaining traction worldwide, allowing customer service teams to devote energy to more complex situations and high value tasks to provide superior customer service. Automation is doing lots for businesses, we just don’t realise it. Its everywhere. Isn’t it? 

Sales - Sales strategy and planning, prospect showcasing and qualification, configuration, pricing and quotation, order management, and post sales areas that can be automated.  Efficiency can be upped as much as 14% and customer delight is achieved.   Sales team can be singularly focused on their core tasks on driving sales and enhancing ROI. Salespeople and Salesforce companies make good partners. 

In order to get automation on a large scale, the management /owners must be convinced. They need to drive the project. It's their baby. Hence a cultural and mental Mindshift is imperative. Has your company gone in for whole scale automation of processes and workflows? If not get in touch with Salesforce companies like us today. Let’s automate your brand. 


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